Leek pie or how to make the easiest pie ever!

Hard to admit but, this is the only pie I know how to make… I know it is embarrassing to have a recipe blog and only know to make ONE pie… Well pies are my nemesis. It’s not exactly the pie I am afraid/ hate. It’s the dough, I cannot make dough for pies and tarts. I have extensively tried but with no luck. I will insist though and as soon as I have a success story you will know, IMMEDIATELY, I will shout it from my balcony!! So this recipe is made with puff pastry from the super market! It is a great side dish or can be a main dish for light eating (light in a manner of speaking as it has tons of feta cheese).

You will need:

– 10 leeks (mostly the white part and some of the green)

– 1 red onion

– 5 scallions

– A medium sized bunch of dill

– 300gr – 400 gr of feta cheese (spicy feta is the best)

– 2 medium eggs

– Olive oil

– Salt and pepper

Start by gathering all the ingredients on your work surface and chop everything.












Separate the yolk from the white from one egg and add the white to the other one and beat it a little bit. In a big pan heat the olive oil and add the chopped leeks, onion, scallions and dill. Cook for about 15 -20minutes, until everything becomes soft. Remove from heat and wait until it cools down a little bit (5 minutes). Add the feta cheese and the egg with the extra white. Mix well and set it aside.















In the meantime grease a pyrex dish or a baking pan, (I personally prefer the pyrex dish, but a baking pan will do just fine), and spread a layer of the puff pastry, make sure to create a little wall all around so it can sustain the stuffing. Now add the cooked vegetables with the feta and on top add another layer of the puff pastry to close the pie.
















With a knife cut the uncooked pie into pieces by inserting the knife and drawing lines, not too deep but not too shallow either. Take the extra yolk you have left and spread it on top of the pie as evenly as possible. This will give a shine to the pie plus it’s delicious! Put in a preheated oven, 180° Celsius, and cook for an hour!


Tip: It tastes better the next day, and if it is the summer try it straight from the fridge!!

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes is one of my favourite side dishes. Since my childhood I have a problem with rice, I do not like it.. I will eat it and even cook it if I have to, but I usually try and avoid it… I have tried A LOT of mashed potato recipes and I have concluded to this simple, quick and very tasty one that can accompany most of your meat dishes.

You will need:

– 6-7 medium potatoes pealed

– 3 tbsp of butter (if it is possible avoid margarine)

– 1 tbsp cumin powder

– a small glass of cream

– a garlic clove, crushed

– salt and pepper to taste

Cut potatoes in small 2 cm pieces. Bring the to boil for about 15 min. Make sure they are not completely mushy. Strain them and add the butter, start crushing them with a fork, when butter has dissolved add cream and keep crushing with the fork. When it has formed a smooth paste like texture add cumin powder, salt and pepper. And voilà your purée is ready to devour

TIP:  You can increase or decrease all the ingredients to your taste. The cream is used to make the purée more liquid; you can alternatively use milk or a combination of both.

Burgers in the oven with potatoes

One of the easiest Sunday recipes. I remember as a child when I used to spend Sundays with my grandmother, the only two options i gave her was either chicken in the oven or this recipe. I could never eat this during the week, somehow in my mind it was only Sunday food only.

You will need:

– 1 kg minced meat (preferably beef)

– 2 medium onions

– half glass of milk

– bread crumbs from 1/4  loaf bread

– 1 egg yolk

– 6 medium potatoes

– cumin

– oregano

– rosemary

– paprika

– 2 cloves of garlic cut in half

– salt

– pepper

– olive oil

– 2 lemons

In a mixer you beat together the milk, onions and bread crumbs. Pour mashed mix in the meat and mix with your hands )I find it very pleasing). Throw in all the spices and mix again and in the end mix in the egg yolk making sure it completely dissolves. Peel the potatoes and cut them ( I prefer to cut them in irregular shapes because the corners get crispy).  Grease the backing pan with olive oil, mold the burgers in to 7 -8 cm each and place them in the pan and spread the potatoes and garlic around them(you can add a little bit of water).

Place the pan in a preheated oven in 180 °Celsius.

Bake for about an hour and the lower the temperature to 150° Celsius. About a quarter before you turn off the oven squeeze the lemons and pour the juice all over the burgers and potatoes.

TIP: Make sure to stir the potatoes every 15 – 20 min. and to turn over the burgers once.