Pomegranate liqueur or how to impress people with the easiest liqueur recipe!

I must confess.. I am one of those women who looooves sweet drinks. So, one fine Sunday I decided to try this liqueur recipe I came across. I chose this recipe for two reasons, one, it’s super easy to make, and two it’s SUPER EASY to make. It impressed a lot of people and I kind of felt embarassed because I did almost nothing.


Though it takes a whole month, once you take that first sip it’s totally rewarding. I know you might think ‘why pomegranate?’, I know, that was my first thought too, but then I realised that it will probably taste like grenadine with an alcohol upgrade.. and it didn’t… it tasted like something very fragile and soft… BUT SWEET :). It was such a sucess that I only got to drink two glasses of it. So I decided to make a second one to keep and drink all by myself!!!

You will need:

– 1 kilo of pomegranate seeds (you will need about 8 – 10 medium pomegranates)

– 800 grams of sugar

– 800 ml of greek tsipouro (if not availiable where you are you can use italian grappa, the spanish aguardiente or the french marc)

– A tiny piece piece of cinnamon (the size of your nail, this is optional)

Place the pomegrnate seeds along with the sugar and cinnamon, if using, in an airtight jar. Leave it in a warm place (i.e. close to heating). For the first few days until the seeds let all their juices out, shake the jar once or twice a day untill sugar dissolves.


Leave it for a month. After a month has passed, strain the contents of the jar (ignore the funny smell).


Discard the seeds and put the liquid in your final bottle(s), you may now add the alcohol of your choice.



You should wait for a week before serving, personally I did not have the patience… I went on and tasted it!


Tip: If you do not like VERY sweet drinks you could put a little less sugar (100 gr.). Second time I made it I added less sugar and it tasted a little heavier, which I personlly liked.

So enjoy this recipe and let me know if you tried it or if you had any problems 🙂